Usability Testing

A usability test is a health check on the usability and effectiveness of your solution. To test a solution is the best way to ensure that it is easy to navigate and use.

Usability testing should be performed on your existing solution to uncover improvement potentials and it should be done while developing new solutions to ensure that they are intuitive and efficient.

What you get from usability tests:

  • Weaknesses are demonstrated as well as documented
  • Potential bottlenecks are identified
  • Thoughtful suggestions for improvements are presented
  • Usability is assessed objectively

How do we do it?

We identify and prioritize target groups and prepare typical test scenarios before the execution of a usability test. After the usability test we prepare a report describing the improvement potentials as well as proposed measures.

Bouvet’s test lab

Bouvet has its own lab for usability testing in our offices. It is possible to record tests there. Observers can monitor the test from another room. In addition to this we also have a mobile test lab so we can easily test solutions at our client's location, such as the client’s intranet.
We also have specially designed equipment for testing handheld devices in the most realistic context.

Other methods of identifying user behavior

Bouvet also uses several other methods to identify user behavior. This includes web analytics, field studies, contextual interviews, service call monitoring, quantitative surveys and focus groups.