Digital solutions and digital communication have created many new opportunities and make it possible for us to work and communicate in completely new ways. However, many companies struggle with fragmented communication with their users, IT systems that play poorly together, or a sheer overload of digital information, resulting in delayed projects and cost overruns.

It’s a relief to know that you can get good advice and help along the way!  Businesses and governmental agencies such as Statoil, Utdanningsdirektoratet, Oslo kommune, Det Norske Veritas and NAV all use advisors from Bouvet to ensure that their digital solutions help them to achieve their goals.

Words such as digital strategy, business intelligence, information management, enterprise architecture and business processes are more than buzzwords and hype for us.  We have the methodologies and skills to give real meaning and value to these concepts.  Our customers find it helpful to use our advisors to handle the complexity they experience and find their direction in the digital jungle.