Information Management

In order to operate efficient, safe and in compliance with current regulations, companies need to assure that correct and sufficient information is made available to the right persons at the right place to the right time

  • as basis for decisions
  • to document and transfer knowledge
  • to build identity and culture

To achieve this Bouvet can

  • Help define the Information Management strategy
  • Develop and maintain procedure s and guidelines
  • Identify and map relevant acts and regulation
  • Identify business critical information
  • Define how to manage information through the entire lifecycle
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Help organise information to obtain control of ownership, compliance, collaboration and retrieval
  • Define file plans, Master data, Metadata and value lists
  • Define monitoring and control measures
  • Provide different type of operational support
  • Organise training and developing user documentation
  • Take Project management responsibilities for development, implementation and migration projects