Security - You are safe with us

There may be small traps that lurk in everyday life. One might stumble, say something stupid, or send the wrong SMS to the wrong person. Some things cannot be avoided, but some can actually be weeded out. Like computer crime. We can ensure good security which also takes into account the development and management of complex and composite IT-systems.

Good security management is a balancing act because requirements often pull in different directions. That is why we have to evaluate the security requirements in close relation to other important qualities like user friendliness and effectiveness. In Bouvet we conduct risk and vulnerability analysis for you, so your security can be properly addressed.

Bouvet provides the following services related to security:

  • Courses in application security
  • Strategic consultation related to safety 
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis 
  • Secure Identity Management
  • Secure application development and management
  • Computer Forensics
  • Tailor courses/programs within Security Awareness 
  • Services related to security infrastructure