MOP® Foundation - Management of Portfolios

The objective of the course is to prepare students for the MoP® Foundation level examination. To confirm understanding of the MoP® principles, cycles, practices, techniques, roles and documentation. This will enable them to work as an informed member of a Portfolio Office or in a range of Portfolio Management roles

2 day(s)
14 900


There are no formal prerequisites. However, candidates are required to have passed the MoP Foundation exam in order to be certified at the Practitioner level.


In this MoP Foundation course, participants will acquire the sufficient knowledge and understanding of the principles, cycles, practices, techniques, roles, responsibilities, documents, and organizational context within which portfolio management operates. MoP helps organizations ensure if the investments are done in the right change initiatives and implementing them correctly. This is achieved by:

  • Prioritizing the programs and projects in terms of their contribution to the organization’s strategic objectives and overall level of risk.
  • Managing the programs and projects consistently to ensure efficient and effective delivery.
  • Maximizing the benefit by providing the greatest return from the investment made.

MoP Foundation qualification is targeted for professionals:

  • Involved in a range of formal and informal portfolio management roles encompassing investment decision making, project and program delivery, and benefits realization.
  • Involved in the selection and delivery of business change initiatives.
  • Acting as experienced portfolio managers, managing large and complex portfolios of change initiatives.
  • Members of portfolio offices and senior managers such as, financial managers, quality managers involved in setting strategic goals and giving direction to the organization’s portfolio of changes.

Members of Management Boards

  • Directors of Change
  • Senior Responsible Owners (SROs)
  • Portfolio, program, project, business change and benefits managers
  • Business case writers
  • Project appraiser                  


Learning Objectives:
Individuals certified at the MoP Foundation level will be able to:

  • Define the scope and objectives of portfolio management and how it differs from program and project management.
  • List the benefits of applying portfolio management.
  • Explain the context it operates in.
  • List the principles upon which successful portfolio management is based on.
  • List the different approaches to implement MoP.
  • List the factors required to maintain the progress and assess the success of portfolio management.  -+
  • State the purpose and key content of the major portfolio documents.
  • Define the scope of key portfolio management roles.


The exam:

The exam fee is NOK 1.700,- + VAT

Foundation Exam

  • The MoP Foundation exam is a closed book exam.

  • The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

  • A minimum score of 50% is required to pass the exam.

  • The exam lasts 40 minutes. Additional time may be given for certain handicaps, and if the exam is not available in the candidate’s native language.

  • Identification is required.



Pre-Course Reading

Day 1

Day 2

MoP Scenario




Background of the methodology

Roles and responsibilities


The MoP Principles:

  • Senior Management Commitment

  • Governance Alignment

  • Strategy Alignment

  • Portfolio Office

  • Energized Change Culture

The MoP Delivery cycle:

  • Management control

  • Benefits management

  • Financial management

  • Risk management

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Organizational governance

  • Resource management


The MoP definition cycle

The MoP framework


Sample Foundation exam


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