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IT solutions create new opportunities for our customers and enable achievement of their goals. We in Bouvet focus upon the requirements of both the business and technical sides of the organisation, which allows us to help realise solutions that satisfy both these aspects.Simply put, we provide all the services necessary for establishing and managing excellent IT solutions. This includes technical infrastructure, architecture, systems development, integration and databases. We follow systems throughout their lifecycle - from analysis of business needs to systems development. And then onwards to effective deployment and operations.

Quality and safeguarding

We are committed to quality and ensuring that our customers real needs are met.  Bouvet’s services are based on accomplished and documented methods that ensure this.  We compliment this structured approach with our long experience of working with a range of different customers.  It ensures that the solutions we create are not only technically sound, but also properly designed according to business needs and a good experience for the end user.

Delivery Models

Bouvet has multiple delivery models:1. Assistance and expertise to support projects that the customer is running itself.2. System deliveries where Bouvet takes responsibility for the establishment and development of solutions.3. Total responsibility for the management, development and support of client systems.