Application Performance Management

Performance and availability of services are an increasingly important subject for users. With Application Performance Management Bouvet can offer services like planning, implementation and management of solutions and training within different products and subjects.

Service delivery chains have during the last years become more complex. Infrastructure is more distributed, at the datacenter, in the Cloud or at regional office. Users expect services to be available everywhere, either from the office, working from home or on travel. Users are often spread all around the world, forcing a 24/7 service delivery.

Traditional monitoring of IT systems is unable to meet the demands of this evolution by itself and there is a need for added functionality to monitoring of system to meet the demands.

Bouvet can offer the added functionality by giving you an overview of the service delivery from a Business Transaction perspective and all the way down to each method and function called in a transaction evoked by a user.

Bouvet can offer following services related to APM:

  • Planning and design of solutions.
  • Implementation and management of solutions.
  • Hands-on Training and subject lectures.

Steffen Myklebust

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